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I know you're always scared, you fear you're running blind...

Our song 'Dark Blue Sky' was written during a tough time. A time of uncertainty where a lot of us believed we were going to lose our jobs or be made redundant. It's about living pay cheque to pay cheque, scraping by just to pay the rent. For me, it couldn't be any truer to how I was living back in 2020. Businesses were crumbling. Workplaces were letting off staff. I penned this song in the middle of it all.


I found solace in crafting this song, a reflection of those turbulent times. However, when the time came to bring this song to life through its music video, we chose a different direction. Despite the serious undertone of the track, we wanted the video to offer something uplifting, a contrast to the song's weighty themes.

dark blue sky (1).png

A good portion of the clip was shot at Bangerz and Mosh studio on the Central Coast of Australia. The rest was recorded from home.


I aimed to portray a man grappling with the challenges of affording basic necessities like milk and toilet paper.


Unable to make ends meet, he dives into unconventional ideas to earn money, even contemplating the value of selling pictures of his feet.

Desperate to secure funds, he tries to part with cherished possessions, like his guitar and amp, in a bid to alleviate his financial strain.

However, a pivotal moment arrives when he revisits long-ignored mail, stumbling upon an unopened envelope that holds a scratch card within.


As he scratches away, the realization dawns upon him—he's struck gold, winning a big sum. 

If you’d like to hear the most recent milestone of that journey, click here to listen to our most recent album, 'Walking Talking Mess’.

Thank you for being a listener and for making it all matter.

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THE RITZY KIDS highly anticipated EP, 'Walking Talking Mess' has seven tracks that seamlessly blend infectious melodies with raw, heartfelt lyrics. Building upon the success of their previous singles, including the ultimate party anthem 'Crank the Stereo' the scandalously catchy 'Hollywood Famous' and their latest single 'Dark Blue Sky'. Produced by THE RITZY KIDS themselves, with the guidance of acclaimed producer Tim Carr (known for his work with Matt Corby and Jay Z), and expertly mixed and mastered by the talented Mitch Willard.

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