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Get your hands on The Ritzy Kids new tracks A FULL WEEK before they're released to the public! 

PLUS receive exclusive content videos as well as a first look at demos FREE to your email

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Chat one on one with band members via e-mail. Share your opinion on new tracks and engage with other listeners

Don't just hear the music, experience it.

See the recording process from start to finish with studio videos, demos and alt versions of the songs

Hear the songs and watch the videos before the release date. You'll also be the first to hear about gigs, giving you first dibs on tickets!

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why e-mail though?

With ol' mate Zuckerberg in charge of Instagram and Facebook now (two of the biggest social media platforms in the universe) there's a bit of a restriction on posts - unless we drop some money on advertising.


As of 2022, around 8% of Facebook and Instagram posts go out to followers... the rest of followers miss out on any updates.


This is where e-mail comes in.


Although it's been around since dinosaurs, it's direct access to people like yourself.

So just like our music, we're heading the nostalgic route.

E-mail is king.

"The Ritzy Kids have that nice nostalgic feel, I'm a sucker for it"

- David Woodhead, Triple J

"The Ritzy Kids are here to save us... the doors have reopened and the swagger has entered the room"

- Ugly Phil, WSFM

"Killer stuff, I'm keen to hear more"

- Claire Mooney, Triple J

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