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we are the ritzy kids!

G'day punk rock enthusiasts!


You may not have heard of us, but we're a completely independent band from the East Coast of Australia! We're a 4 piece and we've been hard at it over the years, creating a humble following. We've been lucky enough to have been played on radio in Australia, New Zealand, the UK and the U.S while amassing over 100,000 streams online.

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That's right - we're giving away a mix tape that's been hailed as our best work yet! This exclusive collection showcases a fusion of our freshest tracks as well as a few classics crafted over the years. From heart-pounding anthems to soul-stirring ballads, this mix tape encapsulates the essence of The Ritzy Kids' raw passion and musical evolution.

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The Ritzy Kids consists of Sean Frazer (vocals/guitar), Jarrod Matthews (bass), Andrew Renfrew (vocals/guitar) and Scotty Magee (drums).


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what others are saying


“The Ritzy Kids are a real pump up band”

-Steve Fitton, WSFM


"It's got that nice nostalgic 2000's punk feel that I'm an absolute sucker for. Really great track."

-David Woodhead, Triple J


“The swagger has entered the room"

- Ugly Phil, WSFM


"There is something so nostalgic about this band, they belong in a becoming of age movie"


-Triple J Announcer, Lachy Pringle

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